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Good equipment is good business

  • Find the equipment that meets your goals and your budget.

    The espresso machine is one of the biggest investments a cafe will make.

  • Get a professional barista’s perspective on which features really matter.

    The best machines help your baristas work quickly and efficiently — allowing them to spend more time with the customer.

  • Learn how to design your cafe to improve the customer experience.

    A good layout is more efficient for your baristas — and more welcoming to your customers.

„I had no idea what kind of machines I wanted.
I knew I wanted to make coffee that way. I didn’t know how… So there you go! Thank you Ekuep!

Abdulrahman Ashqan

Co-Founder Cup&Couch Coffee

topics covered

The Basics

  • Choosing the perfect espresso machine

  • The top 5 machines in specialty coffee

  • Choosing the right espresso grinder

  • The top 5 espresso grinders

  • The best machine for latte art

  • The best equipment for filter coffee

understanding your machine

  • Before you install your espresso machine

  • Two groups or three?

  • How does pre-infusion work?

  • Heat Exchangers vs Multi-boilers

  • The importance of water filtration

Completing the Setup

  • Designing your cafe layout

    Create an enjoyable experience for your customers

  • Why high-resolution scales are essential

    In the specialty coffee industry

  • Essential accessories for baristas

    The tools that help you make coffee better and faster

  • The complete cafe equipment checklist

    Everything you need to make great coffee from day one

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